Ludyesfera offers the chance to nature lovers different cenarios with the aim of getting you to know a region that is rich in natural, cultural and historic heritage.
The programmes wich we offer, allow the participants to get a global vision and knowledge, since we have visits by land and sea.
To a complete experience, we couldn't let you leave without trying our typical gastronomy as the fresh fish and muscat.

We suggest a visit troughout Arrábida, rich in natural and cultural heritage. We'll have astop in Sesimbra's village to board in a boat adventure, wich allows to observe the dolphins, appreciate their behaviour and see the mountain by sea, and know the ruins of an old warehouse of fishing.

Boat trip - to watch the dolphins. Boarding at sesimbra sailing to Sado estuary with a visit to Arrábida and Troia.
- By: Cape Espichel, Sesimbra, Arrábida's Mountain, Louro's Mountain and Azeitão.
With this route you'll get to visit the most emblematic areas of Arrábida's mountain, whether by land or by sea. In this option, we suggest an "all terrain Tour" with a boat trip through the region, which is an area rich in natural, cultural and historical heritage, and several stops.
Boat trip - In Arrábida, Troia and Sado Estuary areas, boarding at Sesimbra.
- Cape Espichel, Sesimbra, Arrábida and Azeitão by jeep or a van.
We suggest a visit to Sesimbra and to Cape Espichel. This trip starts by boarding on Ludyesfera's boat, wich will sail to Cape Espichel.
After lunch, now by land, you'll get to have a direct contact with historic an cultural heritage of Cape Espichel, previously seen from the sea.
Boat trip - From Sesimbra to Cape Espichel.
- By van, jeep or buggy to Cape Espichel.
Lisboa, capital of Portugal. Rich in cultural and historic heritage, in this trip we offer the chance to know its history since mediaeval times, to walk the historic neighbourhoods with its narrow streets, its monuments and most emblematic buildings.
- We organize group events with flexible dates with advance reserve.

- The events have a minimum of participants, or the payment to the correspondent value.
Sesimbra, a beautiful fishing village rich in natural and cultural heritage. This trip gives you the chance to get to know the history that goes back to the mediaeva times, and get through its narrow streets, its monuments and most emblematic buildings. Then we'll board on Ludyesfera's boat that sails towards cape Espichel, passing caves and desert beaches
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